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Dating While Traveling: Is it Worth it or Not?

You have traveled to this exotic place, met this charming hot guy who makes you lose all your senses. Its love at first sight for you. Should you let loose and pursue these feelings. Is it worth it dating while traveling alone?

Below are some advantages and disadvantages of dating while traveling that you might want to consider.

Advantages of traveling and dating

  1. It’s so much fun

There is nothing as exhilarating as meeting someone in a foreign place and making that instant connection. The adrenaline rush as you enjoy and explore these new places makes the whole experience so much fun.

Enjoy every bit of this adventure. Savor those moments that you spend out at night, whispering sweet nothings to one another. Imagine that blood rush when you first kiss and make passionate love in this romantic place you have visited.

The thing that makes travel romance so much fun, is that everything you do and every place you visit is probably a “first”. And you get to enjoy these moments with this guy you just met and gives you an adrenaline rush…

  1. Shared passion for travel

If you meet a guy when traveling you are guaranteed that you share a passion for travel. He will definitely make a great travel partner, making the whole dating experience worthwhile. And if you happen to have a future with them, you have a lifetime travel buddy to travel around the world forever…

  1. You might fall in love with a keeper

When you meet someone and you make a connection with while you are traveling, don’t overthink things. Just hop on and go along with it. There are couples who made things work after meeting while traveling. You never know what the future holds for the two of you.

The best thing to do is to have fun while traveling together. If it so happens that you fall in love with one another, let the feeling envelop you. This dude just might be your future husband.

Disadvantages of traveling and dating

  1. It’s probably not love

Well, there is being in love. And then, there is the notion of being in love. You just met this stranger who swept off your feet and you ended up spending the rest of your vacation, enjoying each others company, gazing into each other’s eyes as you tell each other those sweet nothings as you enjoy this exotic city.

The feelings that one feels when in love are there. You kiss and make some mad passionate love. But are you really in love?

Being in a foreign land away from the hustles and bustles of life presents a lot of new and wonderful experiences that can arouse and heighten these passionate love-like feelings. Plus you are definitely visiting all these romantic places with your new catch and exploring new adventures. Won’t your emotions go haywire and feel like you have fallen in love? Most definitely yes.

There is just a sudden rush of adrenaline. And then there is this charming guy. You are probably not in love with him. You are just in love with the idea of love.

  1. Your heart might get broken

Now, if you really have fallen in love with this guy and he was probably just having some harmless fun, it might be one terrible ending to your travel experience.

Imagine telling this guy how much you love him only for him to tell you he was just having fun. Or he plays along and then when parting, he cites ‘distance’ as the reason why your budding romance can’t go beyond the vacation. Or, you go home and the dude just chooses to ignore all your communication efforts.

Either way, you look at it, since both of you probably live miles or even countries away, your time together is probably limited and is eventually bound to come to an end. That separation after making such a connection with someone is also a bummer. Saying goodbyes can really be hard and heartbreaking too.

  1. The travel romance usually ends

Much as you may have had a wonderful time dating while traveling, chances are, your romance is bound to end. Yes, your new catch might promise to maintain contact or you both might promise each other that you will try and make it work.

But after the goodbyes and you go back to your normal lives, reality usually checks in. You try and you realize that distance isn’t working for you. Plus, the circumstances under which you fell for one another have changed. And before you know it, there is less and less communication and your passionate romance eventually dies its natural death.

If that happens, pick yourself up and log on to one of the wonderful date sites and have fun meeting fresher people.

Now you can assess and make your decision on whether it’s worth it dating while traveling alone.




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