dating while travelling

How to find love in a hopeless place?

How to find love while traveling

While writing this, the only thing ringing in my brain is that infamous song by Rihanna: “We found love (in a hopeless place)”.  Speaking of hopeless places, I sure have found love in some of the weirdest and places that even in my wildest dreams, I didn’t expect to find love. I have traveled and fallen in love. But that’s Cupid for you. You never really know when his arrow will strike.

People usually have this fairy tales of how people should find love. There are some places and scenarios that people fall in love which some might deem inappropriate. Well, to be honest, Cupid has no boundaries that’s for sure. And I have had my fair share of such weird love moments.

couple smokingLight’s out

I smoke. And there is this thing people usually mention: Smokers stick together and they have so much love to give to one another. Well, this day, while visiting Paris, I was thoroughly drunk and wanted to get my last smoke and take a cab to our hotel with my girl. We were outside the bar.

So here I am removing my lighter and trying so hard to light up my cigarette. It just wouldn’t light. I even thought, maybe it was the wind. I tried shielding it… nothing doing. So this guy walks up to me with his lighter on saying “I got you”. And got me he did.

His gentleness and the line he pulled on me got me smitten. And believe me, it wasn’t the alcohol exaggerating this. We struck a flowy conversation immediately. And when our cab came, trust me, my gal had to leave alone.

We went back to the bar and ended up talking, sharing cigarettes and definitely kisses. Much as smoking is a bad thing, this was one of the days I was glad I did. We dated for about 8 months and he got transferred to a different city. Much as it was going on well, he didn’t believe in long distance relationships. So we ended it amicably and I still remember him.

camping tripBackpack love

A bunch of my friends and I were on a camping event in Alaska. Now, I really just planned to go and let loose… It was one of those kinds of moments where you just want to go have fun with friends and be done with it.

While there, there was this other group of campers too. At some point, we kinda merged our groups and ended up sitting around the fire sharing stories. Well, I was seated next to this guy who had a flask of whiskey which he offered to share. That is how it all began.

We ended up sharing the blanket I had and started having super initiate talks together. By the time the trip was over, sharing the wilderness together had made us much closer…

The thing is: Love is all around us. How to find love while traveling is being open about it. You just have to see it and seize the moment.


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