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How to Travel With Your Partner and NOT Fight?

Do you travel with your partner and find yourselves fighting throughout the whole vacation? Then this article is for you.

Normally, this usually happens to couples who fight a lot. And at the same time, in any normal relationship, couples are bound to fight over something simply because of differences in opinion and how people are wired differently. The thing is, they fight over petty things. Nothing serious really. But like all petty fights, at the heat of the moment, they might get blown out of proportion and ruin the whole holiday.

So what makes couples traveling fight? And how can couples avoid fighting over such petty issues and just enjoy their holidays?

Traveling can be stressful. And stress has a way of fueling disagreements. What began as a fun moment of your lives can turn into one you wish never happened…

The stress of traveling

Traveling can be stressful. A lot can go wrong while you are away. And stress has a way of fueling disagreements. What began as a fun moment of your lives can turn into one you wish never happened.

Seeing as stress is part of traveling, a lot can get overlooked in the process. The partner making reservations can make the wrong ones. One might delegate a particular task of booking to the other, only to realize it was never done in the first place on the day of travel. The list is really endless.

The best way to tackle this is to make sure you have a checklist beforehand. Write everything down and assign every partner their roles in writing. Both of you need to be well prepared and take responsibility for their roles.

Take a deep breath and take it easy. Remember, it’s never that serious. Traveling is supposed to be fun! And while traveling, take a day off and just do nothing in order to ease that pressure.

Money issues

This is one of the major things that couples fight over, especially if one partner is a spendthrift who doesn’t stick to the budget. Luckily this is something that can be prevented beforehand.

Have a budget and find out how much things and every activity would cost. As for the one that doesn’t like sticking to the budget, assign them some amount of money for them to let loose. Always remember to have some extra cash in order to take care of fluctuations in prices that you never expected.


The thing with vacations is that couples traveling tend to squeeze in as many activities as they can within a limited period of time. All sightseeing can practically drain every ounce of energy in someone. Now, imagine traveling with someone or planning a particular event only for them to tell you that they are tired.

One thing you have to be sure of when traveling is that not all of you will be upbeat throughout the holiday. As a couple, take some time off during the vacation to just stay in the hotel room and just bum. Also be understanding of the partner who is probably tired. Fatigue happens even to the strongest of us.

Blame game when the unexpected happens

The thing with traveling is that even with all that amount of planning, we usually don’t have control over everything. It’s inevitable for the unexpected to happen. That said, issues normally occur when couples start looking for reasons why something happened or didn’t happen as planned. And then they start blaming one another.

Just let it go. Like I said earlier, it’s never that serious. Even if one of you messed up somehow, turn that into fun. The unplanned things usually have a way of being the best. Take advantage of that.

Remember, you are on vacation to enjoy yourselves and take time off your busy schedules and boring lives at home. When you travel with your partner, make the most of it.

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