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Our Experiences of Traveling and Falling in Love

Is traveling and falling in love things that easily go together? Well, given me and my girl’s experiences, traveling abroad isn’t complete without some travel romance and fooling around.

There are so many movies we have watched that seem to back this cliché. For instance, Midnight in Paris, “How Stella Got Her Groove Back” where Stella found love while traveling in Jamaica, and the very recent “Girl Trip”.

Clearly, and going by our experiences, it seems the aura of being in a new city makes it just easy to fall in love. You are there to let loose, enjoy and love yourself. Now that is a real recipe for love.

I remember, about two years ago, my pal and I took a trip to the Coastal towns in Kenya, Africa. When we arrived there, there was this cute guy who was supposed to take us around. Well, his accent was just different and exotic. And seeing as this town was hot, he was just in a vest and some shorts. When we lay eyes on him, we were like “Oh la la!”.

falling in loveSo he took us to our hotel room, next to the beach. Living by the Indian Ocean the few weeks we were there was just breathtaking. We would have our drinks there as the breeze blew our hairs in the evening. Well, this hot guy, Thoya was his name, promised us a fun day the following day. He was so easy and free.

When he came, he took us around and we explored the city with its old buildings. And in the evening we walked on the sandy beaches. It was amazing. Well, that night there was something the folks there call a beach party. So Thoya came with a bunch of his friends and we went dancing barefoot in our bikinis and sarongs.

Now dancing and drinks usually bring people closer. My pal ended up with Thoya and I ended up with his friend Juma. And before we knew it, we were dancing in each other’s arms and kisses were flying. Well, I will be lying if I tell you we didn’t take them back to our hotel rooms that same evening.

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The week flew by in a blur. And Juma and Thoya tugged along as they took us to a different town called Malindi where we went took a boat ride and went snorkeling. The experience was exhilarating. But guess whose backs we got to get into the ocean on? Thoya’s and Juma’s. This experience brought us even much closer.

We spent the next week walking at this super easy city center, arm in arm and lying on the sandy beaches, sipping wine and just enjoying life. Time just flew by. Unfortunately, our melancholic days of this warm and breezy time came to an end eventually.

When we went home, we tried to keep in touch but eventually, that distance got the best of us. But one thing for sure, we will never forget our time with these two fine Kenyan men.

Traveling and falling in love happens because of the relaxation one usually feels and the adrenaline rush that for some reason comes to play. You are out of your comfort zone. So why not enjoy every minute you got? You are away. You are free. Live and let live.


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