Rome, Italy

The Most Romantic City to Travel to and Fall in Love

When talking about the most romantic city to travel to, Rome in Italy takes the crown. Even the name itself seems to suggest that Rome stands for Romance.

Every time my girl and I visit this city, it always just blows w away. It’s a city that is rich in culture and history. The language itself and the accents of the people just scream romance. And it’s not just their accents that wow me, these folks are very wonderful people. Their food is just to die for.

Now, of you really want to enjoy this eternal city and its romantic aura, then I suggest that you and your beau give yourself at least two weeks to just enjoy it. And the beauty of it is that the city is just surrounded by lots of famous sites which are always a walking distance. So while visiting these places you get to walk hand in hand with this special person.

On my first visit to Rome, I met this cute boy with his wowing accent and broken English. He was meant to show me around. Playing tourists was just something I really enjoyed on the trip. I don’t know whether it is the food or the fine wines I had on the trip that made me have romantic feelings for this dude who was showing me around.

St. Peter's Dome

I remember the first time we held hands was when we were walking hand in hand to the dome of St. Peter’s where we sat there and just watched the sun go down. This romantic scene fast-forwarded our emotions, leading to one of the most passionate first kiss I have ever had. And what come later was a budding romance as we fed each other ice cream on pavements.

Traveling to Rome

Now when you visit Rome, do not forget to go see the obvious historic Colosseum. My new catch and I took a metro train there. And we definitely had to visit the Vatican. We walked the streets and just lost ourselves in love.

romantic spots in Rome

There is no more romantic setting like the gardens of Villa Borghese which is behind the Pincio. It is central Romes biggest park. Now what I found romantic about this park were the towering umbrella pines and picturesque promenades. My Italian hottie and I also got to go on this romantic boat ride where we got to paddle away amongst ducks. We also strolled around the park.

As all vacations, this one came to an end. But every time someone asks me about the most romantic city to travel to or the most romantic city to date, I vote goes to Rome.

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