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Traveling Alone and Falling in Love

Dating can be such fun especially if you are dating while traveling alone. That is something I realized when I once my best friend had to cancel our trip to Rome and I had to travel alone. If you let loose, it can be spicy, fun and quite a culturally enriching experience that’s for sure. It makes traveling alone worth every while.

These days, there are so many travel packages which are customized for people who want to travel solo. These are usually so much fun and because these single individuals get to mingle with one another. If you compare couples traveling vs. traveling alone, the freedom one gets when traveling alone takes the crown.

falling in loveLet me tell you about my Italian beau. He was this guy I met who showed lots of interest in getting to know me. His accent was just amazing. I fell in love with it from the get-go. How could I say no to his romantic advances? I went along with it.

This guy got to show me the best parts of Rome and all historic sites by day. We would walk hand-in-hand visiting the Colosseum, the Dome of St. Peters, the romantic the gardens of Villa Borghese where my beloved and I took a boat ride and paddled amongst ducks.

falling in loveIn the evenings, we strolled and got to enjoy lots of the multi-colored sunsets together. He was so charming and easy to talk to. And our short-term romance blossomed very fast. I got to experience this intense kind of passion from this dude, not caring what the future holds. Can’t forget the icecreams we would share on pavements and how amazing the food and the wines were.

At night, we explored various bars and clubs as we danced the night away in each other’s arms.

One of the perks of dating while traveling was that I got to learn a few Italian phrases courtesy of my traveling beau. It was so much fun as I could actually use the words I learned practically.

I don’t know if it was the wine or this romantic divine city that made our love grow within just a week of being there. But if you ask me, short as our romance might have been, I truly fell in love. Those three weeks I was there passed in a blur as we enjoyed each others company. Sadly, it had to come to an end.

We maintained contact and I promised to look him up on my next trip there if both of us would still be single. Clearly, dating while traveling alone is something to try out.


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