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Why it’s a good idea to travel during your first year of marriage

The first year of marriage is very crucial. It can actually make or break a relationship. see, you are just from having a very stressful event, that is your wedding. And now that it’s done, you are just back to the two of you.

One thing I advise my friends is that you would rather save money for a honeymoon than have a very flashy wedding and not have one. The honeymoon is the time when newlyweds can exhale after the nerve-wracking stress of planning the wedding.

Now, I am not saying that every couple has to go for a honeymoon right after the wedding. What I am advocating for today, is for a couple to at least find time for travel, just the two of you.

Why it’s important to travel together during the first year of marriage

1. Your lives will soon be changing.

If you went through your wedding the traditional way, chances are, kids are not in the picture. So, it’s still just the two of you. Take advantage of this because when the kids come travel will become “family vacations”. It will no longer be just the two of you.

2. Building memories

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Look at this traveling time as a chance to build memories of the two of you madly in love. Later in the marriage, going down memory lane actually reminds couples the reason why they fell in love with one another. These great memories of the two of you might actually save your marriage some day.

So take pictures and put them in some photo album. Someday, when the chemistry starts dying down, you might choose to re-inject that chemistry by revisiting one of these places and reminiscing

3. taking travel time together is healthy.

When you make a habit of traveling with your spouse during the first year of marriage, it then becomes something that is instilled in you. So as years go by, you will find yourselves looking forward to traveling together.

Taking this time off away from your normal routine does rekindle love. Take advantage of it.

It doesn’t have to be fancy

When people mention traveling, they automatically feel they need to break the bank. Well. Sometimes all it takes to pump some rush into a relationship is to take a road trip and spend the night at some motel.

The thing that really matters is that you are spending quality time with this special person that you made a vow to spend the rest of your life with.



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