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When Winter rolls in this December, consider visiting New Zealand

If you are planning a holiday this winter, consider visiting New Zealand in December. This is when summer begins here. So if you are living in countries like Europe and the USA where winter is in December and are not really feeling the snow this year, then this is your best bet.

There is a lot to engage in when there. The best time to visit is before the Christmas season… especially if you don’t have family and friends who can host you. This is because most shops and restaurants are closed during Chrismas. So it would be prudent of you to either book a hotel earlier or check into a hotel earlier. This way you will have someplace to eat from.

Why New Zealand in December

If you are there during the last days of December you will really enjoy some relaxed strolling. This is because most shops are closed so the city isn’t as crowded as it usually is.

Places to visit

1. North and South Island

If you have plenty of time in New Zealand, then you can visit both Islands. But if you don’t, then you can pick any. Both of them are great. With limited time, doing both will eat into your time and fun as you will have to shuffle from one to the next.

Go and enjoy the scenery, hiking, tours and all other activities offered.

2. Lord of the Rings set

hobbiton movie set

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While there, do not forget to discover the locations that the infamous Lord of the Rings entire trilogy was filmed. The locations are just stunning. Go see the Hobbiton set at Hamilton, Waikato, Kaitoke Hilton Park, Wellington, among others.

3. Experience Auckland

Auckland is a city to behold. It is the largest in New Zealand. There is a lot to do here. This urban city has beaches all around it. Imagine being in a place when you can shop, hike, go to wineries all at the same time! You can do pretty much anything here

Now much as it is the beginning of summer in December, New Zealand has some alternate rainy days  So whatever you plan for, plan your activities based on this. Carry a few clothes for the rainy days too. Otherwise have a blast visiting New Zealand in December.


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