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Our tips on how to meet people when living in a new city

Looking for tips on how to meet people in a new city?

Moving away from home can be hard, especially if you are moving to a different country or city. Everyone is a stranger. It can get pretty boring and lonely. However, the trick is to plan ahead.

So before you even make the big move, plan your social life ahead. Start networking early so that when you get there, at least you will have a couple or two people to show you around.

How to start making new friends in a new city

Find relevant social media groups

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If you have really moved far from home, the best tip on how to meet people in a new city is to check out relevant social media groups. For instance, you could try to find a facebook page such as “Americans living in London”.

This is something you can do before the move. Start contacting the friendly ones. Ask questions on the best places to rent an apartment and restaurants.

Find a place to rent that has multiple tenants

You don’t want to live in seclusion if you want to meet new people. Your neighbors need to be the first people to interact with as you share most amenities in the community. Be friendly so that you can hopefully extend your friends network through them.

Hit the bar

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I don’t think you can ever go wrong with the bar scene. It’s the easiest way to make new friends. There are definitely several places you can go to. Ask a neighbor to direct you to a classy one. Trust me, a beer or two and everyone is all friendly and chatty.

The other tip on how to meet people in a new city is to join in community activities

Even if you are not religious, sign up for activities at a church or school. These things have a way of binding people together. Join a group of volunteers within the community. You can search for these online.

Remember, you are in a new city. Choose your circle of friends wisely. 






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