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London Neighbourhoods worth checking out while in town!

If you are planning a vacation for London, then you might be wondering which are the best London neighbourhoods worth visiting. Well, to be honest, this place has quite a number of great neighbourhoods. And each one of them has distinct characteristics. Every neighborhood will give you a different experience. 

Well, while in town check these ones out.

Suburbs in London that are worth checking out


london surburbsIf you are looking for some edgy neighbourhood that is hip, then Shoreditch is the place to visit. It is very trendy with great art, food, and fashion forward.
The thing that makes this neighboughood one of a kind is the variety of places to visit. They have a variety of bars, hotels, and restaurants to choose from. So while here you will have a lot of exploring to do in this youthful neighbourhood.
What makes this one of the great London neighbourhoods, is that it gas a post-industrial flare to it with very creative scenes and rich in culture. Here, you will get the real taste of London life.


Chelsea is a mixture of city buzz and a bit laid down too. It has a wealth of shops, restaurants and wonderful nightclubs. If you are looking for luxury shopping spots, then this is the neighbourhood to visit. This doesn’t mean that you can’t find affordable places though. There is a quieter side of Chelsea if you head on to King’s Road.
Here you will find the world famous flower shop, the Thames, the green Battersea Park among other things.


Notting Hill

Portobello RoadThis West London neighbourhood hosts the best restaurants, bars and street markets. It is one of the most playful, full of life kind of spots. And Notting Hill has managed to maintain its affluent standards worldwide.
The galleries and street vendors make this one of the best neighborhoods to enjoy London’s good life. Every spot you visit will give you a more peculiar and interesting experience.
If you have a flair for antiques, then visit the largest antique market, the Portobello Road Market which runs on Saturdays.

Other attractive London neighbourhoods to consider

Other great places to visit are Greenwich, Mayfair, South Kensington among others.

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