Who are the masterminds behind the ‘Two classy chics chat’?

We are Tammy and Tracey. We come from a small town in Pennsylvania called New Castle. We have been best friends in forever and we share a lot of our passions some being; chitty chatting and traveling around the world together. Both of those, we decided to share with the world since, in every new trip and city, we explore and discover new things to talk about and share with you guys.

Why ‘Two classy chics chat’?

Simply because we are two best friends who do and share everything with each other. Since we already do that, we decided to share our insights with anyone who would like to know about our adventures and discoveries around the world.

When was ‘Two classy chics chat’ created?

The site was created in September 2017. We wanted to mark this month with a new beginning since we have a lot to share with the world.

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