The two classy chics

 Hello world! Meet the ‘Two Classy Chics Chat’ – Tammy and Tracey.

Our friendship goes way back to when we first met in our local high school in New Castle, Pensylvania. We always admired the ones who just lived life to the fullest and we were eager to get out there, work wherever possible and save money to do exactly what we were chit-chatting all along.

That is, to travel and discover!

And finally, we made it through. After 10 years of working in fast food joints, cafes, movie theaters and many occasional jobs, we have finally saved our traveling money and made our dreams come true. For now, you will find us everywhere around the world. 

Much like nomads!

Our goal is to visit as many places as we can and create memories with people we meet along the way. 

That being said, we love sharing our discoveries with the world. Asides from posting our stories on Instagram and Snapchat, we decided to have them in writing as well. Thus stay tuned and read our stories before everyone else does. We will keep you posted with places and countries we will visit next just in case.

Our site will not only be dedicated to our traveling experiences but we will talk about everything we find fascinating and worth sharing with you guys.